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Free company registration for clients on legal retainer. Discounts from standard fees for corporate and commercial legal services. Just contact us and quote this code: IT16.


Trifonov Law Offices provide legal services retainer for small businesses and medium corporations based in Sofia, Plovdiv and Bansko regions.


Advantages of a retainer engagement:

  • Expert lawyers. A whole team of professionals in different fields guarantee that you will get the best solution to any legal problem.
  • Always at your disposal. In an ongoing relationship you get frequent contact with your lawyers and we take charge of all your legal matters in Bulgaria so that you can concentrate on the development and prosperity of your business.
  • Low costs. By signing a retainer agreement you get a significant discount of what you would pay for regular hourly service.
  • Priority. You get priority to other clients of our law offices in terms of service and response.
  • Prestige. We are your corporate lawyers. If a problem pops up you just need to say “Call my lawyer!”


Retainer service examples:

  • Ongoing advice on the company’s activities and operations
  • Advising on Bulgarian law and monitoring legislation that may affect your business
  • Due diligence, corporate intelligence work and investigation analyses of present and future partners and clients of the company
  • Special legal protection and advice with regards to commercial transactions
  • Consultations on tax laws and tax optimization
  • Consultations and compliance with labour law requirements
  • Representation before state and other authorities
  • Negotiations and out-of court settlements
  • Court representation


Retainer fees:

The monthly retainer fee is reflective of the amount of service provided. We make an individual offer for each particular client depending on their specific requirements and needs.


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