POA Lawyer Representation in Bulgaria During COVID-19 Pandemic

Representation by a local Bulgarian lawyer for various legal or other issues is becoming more popular and preferred option for foreign citizens who cannot enter Bulgaria as due to the Coronavirus pandemic travel to Bulgaria is subject to restrictions.


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Bulgaria banned entry to its territory to many citizens from around the world. Basically, only citizens from EU member states as well as from a few third countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, etc. can enter the country freely and without PCR test or quarantine. There is a second list of countries whose citizens need a negative PCR test performed in the last 72 hours to be allowed to enter Bulgaria, and such which are subject to quarantine. And there is even a third list of countries, whose citizens are banned to enter Bulgaria regardless whether they have a negative test or not, such countries are Russia and the USA, for example, and Bulgarian embassies in these countries temporarily do not issue visas. These lists are subject to constant changes, so we advise clients to check with Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the respective embassies before they plan a trip to Bulgaria.


Legal representation by local lawyers in Bulgaria seems like the only working alternative for those who have any legal, financial or even personal issues in Bulgaria and cannot travel due to the restrictions. Our trustworthy attorneys can assist you with on-site representation in Bulgaria for any issues you have duly authorised us by signing a POA.


Recent lockdowns in many countries highlighted the need for entirely new legal services and solutions and implementation of digital technologies in our everyday life to a bigger extent. Unfortunately, Bulgaria has launched only a few electronic government and municipal services and, in most cases, physical presence in the country is required.


The good news is that regardless of the boom and spread of COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria and although officially the country is in a state of epidemic emergency, all public institutions in Bulgaria are open and all our law offices and solicitors are working.


Our lawyers and paralegals can assist in various matters from signing or renewing your rental or other contract, completing a property purchase, transforming a company, representation before state and municipal bodies, banks and other institutions and authorities to simple issues such as registration or payment of utility bills and property taxes. We can also assist with obtaining various certificates and documents which you may need and then courier to you safely.


Using a Bulgarian lawyer to represent you even for trivial issues which are not typically legal has another advantage: please note that for some matters, lawyers can represent a client without the necessity of a special power of attorney (POA), witnessed by a notary public. A simple written authorization is usually enough in most cases and you will save time and expenses for notarization, apostille and legalization of documents.

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