Personal Injury, Insurance And Other Compensation Claims In Bulgaria

Bulgarian compensation lawyers specializing in Personal Injury and Insurance Law are representatives of individuals or companies with respect to different types of accidents (auto car accidents, defective products, medical malpractice and errors, wrongful death etc.) and insurance events that have taken place on the territory of Bulgaria and in some cases – abroad. They are acting on behalf of clients with regards to different kinds of insurances and insurance events – from life and accident insurances to different sorts of real estate and property insurances.


The first category of persons who benefit from the services of Bulgarian personal injury and insurance lawyers are companies and individuals who are entitled to receive insurance compensations. In not so rare cases there are problems with these payments because insurance companies in Bulgaria frequently rely upon exemption clauses and refuse to pay insurance claims. In such situations experienced insurance solicitors can examine the entire insurance case and determine whether the insurance company is in its right to refuse to make payment. In all cases legal professionals can contribute to a detailed clarification of all facts referred to the insurance event and also to the proper legal interpretation of the case.


The amount of the compensation is one of the most important issues of the implementation of any insurance or personal injury claim. In a significant part of all insurance events the methodology for determination of the extent of damage is not transparent to the public and makes sense only to experts. A good Bulgarian lawyer could analyze all data and figures and help for the change of the insurance compensations amounts with thousands of Euros or even more.


There are a number of seemingly harmless situations which are however of particular importance to the process of receiving of insurance compensations in Bulgaria. A typical example is the refusal of a driver to do a Blood Alcohol Test (BAT) in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases – even if he is completely sober. Apart from the severe administrative fines, according to Bulgarian Insurance Code any insurance company has the legal right to make a counter claim against the driver, even if he has a perfectly valid insurance, and to claim the full amount of all damages (initially paid by insurance company). There are a lot of fatal deadlines under Bulgarian Insurance Code and a timely consultation with a lawyer practicing in the fields of Personal Injury and Insurance Law could be of great benefit to anyone involved in such case.


Some Bulgarian insurance companies are used to make offers to persons who have a compensation right, especially when it comes to death or heavy body and head injury cases. Typically there are only two options in such “offers” – a/ To take what has been offered (sometimes in significantly lower amount) and walk away or b/ To get nothing and take the insurance company to court. The professional intervention of an insurance solicitor frequently changes the position of the insurance company and as a result it reviews the case again and makes a new much more fair compensation offer.


There are situations in which, despite of all attempts and efforts made, insurance companies refuse to pay compensations – in just amounts or at all. In such situations filing a court claim remains last resort. Despite of the defendants’ non-cooperation in such cases there are a lot of favourable circumstances – the first of which is the new Bulgarian Civil Procedure Code (CPC) which has a special quick procedure implemented for claims against insurance companies and similar commercial cases. Another positive moment is the permanent increase of the compensations awarded by the Bulgarian courts.


And finally in some situations the payment of insurance compensations is seemingly unrealistic and impossible – for example when there is a car accident where the cars have no valid insurance in place or the guilty driver has escaped from the accident and remains unidentified. In such situations the claim can be made with the Guarantee Fund under the rules of Bulgarian Insurance Code – which however is entirely left to the initiative of the person who is entitled to receive insurance compensations or by an authorized lawyer.

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